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Nick Ainis, B. Tech., Arch Sci., PMT - Founder & CEO

Nick founded Fusioncorp from an innate desire to create a unique, innovative, and adaptive construction company. Nick has developed an expertise in the construction industry unmatched by others.  As principal, Nick provides support with design and construction related issues as well as overall project management. His extensive experience with the means and methods of construction contribute in the design development process by comparing Architects’ goals with the realities of the construction industry. Nick is fully involved in projects at all stages.  His background is in architecture, project management, and environmental studies.

Rocco Valela, CET – Director of Construction

Rocco Valela, born and raised in Toronto brings over 35 years of High Rise heavy construction experience to Fusioncorp with close to 3000 units under his belt.  A High Rise forming Carpenter by trade, a College graduate in Residential Construction Management, seasoned structured High Rise Project Superintendent and a profound understanding of construction methods and methodologies, and a team oriented project success type of manager. As part of the Fusioncorp experience our clients will receive his services in pre-construction; his ability to work closely with the consultants in reviewing drawings to provide value engineering (mitigating  design errors and omissions), highly efficient scopes of work (eliminating scope issues) and effective negotiation skills along with detailed contract documents and specific training in time management, emotional intelligence and team building / communication. 


Manuel Esteves, AATO – Senior Project Manager

Manuel brings with him 20+ years of experience in construction project management.  He has participated in the construction of many multi-unit residential and other ICI projects.

Nima Agish, B. Arch., M. Eng. - Estimator & Project Manager

Nima joins the Fusioncorp team in estimating and project management; a construction professional with a Bachelor of Architecture and 5+ years of experience in different roles and positions such Assistant Superintendent, Estimator, and Project Manager.


Anna Stefan - Executive Assistant / General Manager / Construction Administrator

Anna’s administrative and organizational talents are the engine that keeps Fusioncorp running smoothly. Her background is in business management, marketing, and sales.

Latha Shanmuga - Accounting Adminstrator

Latha is Fusioncorp's accounting administrator. Her background is accounting administrator in the construction industry.

Darin Larstone - Senior Site Superintendent

Darin has worked and served his life in the construction industry - on the tools and as a senior managing construction site superintendent. 

David Arce - Senior Site Superintendent

David has worked and served his life in the construction industry - on the tools and as a senior managing construction site superintendent. 

Lisa Faganello - Finishing Superintendent

Lisa is revered as a hardworking, reliable, and precise finishing superintendent at Fusioncorp. Her background is in architecture and construction.

Shoshana Levstein - Project Manager / Assistant Superintendent

Shoshana is revered as a hardworking, reliable, and precise project manager at Fusioncorp. Her background is in architecture and construction with an initial specialty in commercial and retail construction.

Jim Ainis - Partner, CEO, General Contracting Division

As the co-founder of Fusioncorp, Jim adds strength and stability to the organization by focusing on procurement, staffing and labour resources, and managing project draws and payments. His background is in business administration, sales, and marketing.

Brandon Accetura - Assistant Project Manager, General Contracting Division

Brandon leads the marketing and sales initiatives at Fusioncorp and is instrumental in our customer service management.  Brandon also provides estimating and project management support.

Nuno DeSousa - General Superintendent, General Contracting Division

Nuno has worked and served his life in the construction industry - on the tools and as a senior managing construction site superintendent. As Fusioncorp's General Superintendent, he is in charge of all sites for the general contracting division.

Naga Shanmuga - Principle at Attempt Consulting (Fusioncorp's Senior Accounting Consultant)

Naga is Fusioncorp's senior accounting consultant partner. His background is in cost consulting, quantity surveying, architecture, and construction.

Geoff Kelly - Principle at Kelly Consulting (Fusioncorp's Consigliere / Construction Advisor)

Founder of Kelly Consulting, Geoff is Fusioncorp's consigliere consultant. Geoff advises on Fusioncorp's major projects, implementation of its principles of best practices and claims and other legal issues.

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