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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

At Fusioncorp, our services vary according to your particular project type. No matter what your project requirements are, Fusioncorp will work with you to create a strategic, customized construction plan, perfectly tailored to your next development. From pre-construction, construction and post-construction, you can rest assured that our extensive portfolio of services have you covered.


Concept Development
& Pre-Construction



Coming up with the right concept for a project is critical to its success and getting it right the first time is an area where Fusioncorp excels. Whether your project is a new condo, a refurbishment of an older condo building, or a commercial application, it all starts with an idea. At Fusioncorp, no idea is too big, too small or too outlandish.

Fusioncorp provides progressive levels of budgeting. From preliminary Type-D budgets to actual construction budgets based on contracts and purchase orders. Fusioncorp provides both quantity take offs and budget quotations from sub-trades to create these budgets that represent current costs and prices incorporating historical data and projecting future price escalations.

A well-developed schedule is one of the most essential components to a project’s success. Fusioncorp uses leading industry CPM scheduling software entered by the project manager and the site superintendent with final review by senior staff. The schedule is updated regularly with notifications of entries or updates to all team members.

Estimation & Tenders

Trade Contractor Management

Project Management

Our expertise in analyzing a project’s development, enables us to determine how the project will evolve during construction. Our initial tender period begins after the pre-construction phase where we obtain a minimum of three quotations for each trade discipline. Our team prepares detailed scopes of work together with instructions to bidders to limit errors and/or omissions.

Fusioncorp has developed a comprehensive process to ensure that the right trades are chosen to work on the project and that their performance meets the specific project requirements. These processes include trade pre-qualification. From credit and background checks to technical ability and task-specific competence, we select our contractor partners by carefully considering character, capacity and competence.

Our project management team’s primary focus is to support site activities, work closely with owners, architects, engineers, and other construction consultants to provide seamless on-site integration between all stages of the construction process. Fusioncorp excels at monitoring and controlling the schedule, budget, and quality; the core principles of project management.

Site Management


Construction Technology

The management of construction site operations is critical to the success of a project. The site superintendent must have leadership, organizational, technical and personal skills. The site support staff ensures that the administration of the site office is run in a highly efficient and effective manner. Most importantly this includes site safety as required under the OHSA.

Fusioncorp covers all facets of contract administration including the preparation of all fixed price contracts necessary for financing purposes. Great attention is paid to monthly draws, processing of invoices, trade contracts, purchase orders, change orders, logs, reports and other relevant material. These items are prepared regularly and presented in a timely manner to facilitate payment to trades.

Fusioncorp has developed and integrated the latest in construction technology and software development. From estimating to project and site management, we know that technology and data is our most valuable tool and is fundamental to your project’s success in the competitive marketspace of today and tomorrow.

Quality Control

Cost Control

Risk Management

Our goal to create a “WOW” response when purchasers arrive to inspect their units at PDI time and correct any perceived deficiencies in a timely manner. We take great care in the installation of the common elements including but not limited to the envelope of the building, mechanical, electrical and life safety systems. We strive to ensure that the purchasers and board are satisfied with the quality of the final product.

Our above industry standard monthly hard cost reports are provided to owners and if required to financial monitors. Direct site costs through careful accumulation of generated paperwork are matched with the invoice from suppliers. Sub trade invoices are reviewed and discussed by site staff and consultants to confirm validity. The reports are highly detailed by contract division with numerous line item breakdowns within those divisions.

We assist clients with balancing the contingencies of risk with specific contractual, financial, operational, organizational, and political requirements. We proactively identify potential risks during the pre-execution phase, and assist our clients in preventing increased costs, delays, and disruptions. Our risk analysis process identifies construction risks and formulates an effective risk management strategy to mitigate loss.

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