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The Art of Constructing Conversions & Historic Preservation

Building an iconic new development is not easy. Just ask some of our valued clients about the level of planning, preparation, analysis and management that goes into each project. Take that and add the restoration of a heritage building to the mix that is approved for conversion while adhering to the strict guidelines of preservation by the city or town, and your level of planning and development evolves to a whole other level.

Fusioncorp prides itself with responsible restoration construction and development ensuring these historic buildings are treated with the utmost care and respect they deserve. From century old schoolhouses converted into condos to abandoned factories resurrected into iconic lofts and residences, Fusioncorp’s experience with such projects is industry renowned and second to none.

Here are just a few recent conversion projects that we helped or are working to restore to its former glory:


Re-built in 1923, Wells Street School is the second oldest elementary school still standing in Aurora. Throughout 2013, the school and its surrounding property was completely restored by Fusioncorp into a new community of 35 loft-style residences. This neighbourhood school used to pulse with the laughter and joy of children on shady, tree-lined streets, now boasts homes with 10 -12-foot ceilings, large schoolhouse windows and stunning transitional finishings.


Formerly a garment factory, Fusioncorp converted this building into both hard and soft lofts by adding four stories atop of the original structure. Situated between the Printing Factory Lofts and the Wrigley Lofts, this structure is an inspired combination of old and new, using glass, steel and brick to reflect its industrial roots with a contemporary feel. The Garment Factory Lofts house 150 hard and soft lofts with exposed concrete ceilings, polished concrete floors and large warehouse windows, adding much natural light to these open concept units. The new suites are stepped back, which allows spacious terraces with views of the neighbourhood and the city skyline.


The old King George Public School was transformed by Fusioncorp into 11 condominium lofts within the old school building surrounded by 14 two-storey freehold town homes. The architecture is a hybrid of Victorian, Edwardian and Contemporary styles; set within a lush perimeter of 100-year-old trees, century old heritage buildings and iconic historic landmarks. Fusioncorp was responsible for the restoration of the existing school, updating its interior to a luxurious modern standard while preserving the historic façade, unique internal features and cultural significance of the building.


Fusioncorp is converting the abandoned century-old building back into one of Port Dalhousie’s most revered landmarks filled with old world charm. This iconic 1900-era factory first housed Maple Leaf Rubber Co. until Lincoln Fabrics assumed ownership in 1955 and operated the business until 2017. The motor that once ran the century-old freight elevator will be reincarnated as an outstanding sculpture. The century-old flywheel from the days of industries being water powered will be prominently featured on site. With its restoration and transformation, The Harbour Club, will once more be an integral part of the Port Dalhousie community.

If you have an iconic development you want to bring back from the past, contact us for more information at

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